Fielding, Heard pleaded the Fifth

The right to silence will protect 2 commissioners Two sitting commissioners, Sarah Heard and Ed Fielding, pleaded the Fifth Amendment in court affidavits filed Jan. 26 for a trial that does not begin until Feb. 5. The commissioners had been subpoenaed to testify in the […]

Commissioners in hot water … again

Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard and former commissioner Anne Scott turned themselves into the Martin County Sheriff’s Office today, both facing new charges of violating the state’s public records laws. Heard was indicted and booked today on two criminal counts of violating public records laws, […]

Correction: Commissioner Heard not arrested

Two arrested, one was not. In a surprise twist to those who have followed closely the Lake Point public records case, Commissioner Sarah Heard was not arrested on Nov, 28, as Martin County Currents reported. We apologize for the error. The grand jury, which is […]

County commissioners charged with public records violations

This story, posted originally on Nov. 29, has been updated. County commissioners charged with public records violations Two current Martin County Commissioners, Ed Fielding and Sarah Heard, and former commissioner Anne Scott of Jupiter Island, were formally charged Tuesday, Nov. 28, with violating public records […]

Today is deadline for “exclusive” rodeo experience

For a special evening you’ll long remember. The deadline to purchase one of the limited number of “Exclusive Rodeo Experience” tickets is Thursday, Oct. 12, for the Friday and Saturday event, Oct. 13-14, at Timer Powers Park, 14000 SW Citrus Blvd. The special ticket package […]