Part 3: Jupiter Island on a Bumpy Road

Taking a Closer Look at a Town’s Competing Interests On the surface, not much seems similar between the still-ongoing legal morass Martin County caused itself that began in 2012 and the ruckus that swirls around the Town of Jupiter Island now. The details, however, reveal 

Part 2: Jupiter Island on a Bumpy Road

Controversy Poised to Explode into a Quagmire A split opinion nearly a year ago over development of a one-block stretch of Jupiter Island along South Beach Road now has grown to a furor, drawing outsiders into the fray and flirting with national attention. Just like 

Jupiter Island Begins its Bumpy Road

Jupiter Island Takes First Steps on County’s Well-worn Path It’s uncanny. Genteel Jupiter Island could well be following Martin County’s path into an abyss of costly and never-ending lawsuits that began nearly a decade ago. The issues are similar. Some of the players are the same, 

Heard, Hurchalla wave false flag

Heard, Hurchalla Wave a False Flag that Alarms Residents Let’s be perfectly clear here. Martin County’s Comprehensive Growth Management Plan has not been “gutted,” and neither is it facing impending destruction, as environmental activist Maggy Hurchalla and County Commissioner Sarah Heard proclaim. The Comp Plan’s 

Indiantown is rodeo ready

Indiantown Rodeo arena, under roof with industrial fans, creates the perfect outdoor setting at Timer Powers Park It’s crunch time in Indiantown this week as hundreds of volunteers go into high gear to get Timer Powers Park Arena ready for the 74th anniversary of the