Updated Part 2: Heard Taps Stranger for Dirty Work

It took a grass-roots uprising in the working-class fishing village of Port Salerno to get District 4 County Commissioner Sarah Heard out of her waterfront Rocky Point home to host her first town hall in at least six years at the Port Salerno Civic Center 

Anne Scott, Sarah Heard Back in Spotlight

Just as Indiantown begins to straighten itself out, Port Salerno and Jupiter Island take its place for political shenanigans. It’s no surprise that the two politicians largely responsible for the turmoil now in these two distinctly different communities are Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard and 

Indiantown gets back on the right path

CONCLUSION: Going Back to 2020 Election — “Aftermath of 2022, Looking Ahead to 2024″ As the 2022 election approached, few Indiantown voters knew of developer Brian West and his connection to Indiantown, but voters sensed an unwelcome change in direction. Indiantown was somehow taking a 

New Truths Revealed in Old Records

Part 4: Going Back to 2020 Election — New Access to Public Records Reveals Previously Hidden Facts Indiantown reached a fork in the road after only one year as an incorporated village. The date was Dec. 17, 2018, the day the village council hired Howard 

Connecting the Dots in Indiantown’s 2020 Election

Part 3: Going Back to 2020 Election — Putting the Pieces Together The first dot in the dotted line connecting developer Brian West, charged with allegedly bribing elected officials in Brevard County, to Indiantown’s 2020 election happened August 9, 2019. That was the first day