About Us

Martin County Currents is a newspaper by locals, for locals, about locals of Martin County, Fla. We are an independent voice providing intelligent, serious journalism in a high-quality format, in print and on-line, to more than 20,000 readers. Our mission is to celebrate life here and among our neighbors and to promote our businesses.

To that end, we strive to keep our advertisers’ cost as low as possible to enable business owners to maximize the value and effectiveness of their marketing dollars. Supporting business in this manner helps to ensure that the larger community will thrive.

Martin County Currents is an active proponent of “Hire Just One,” a grass-roots campaign to battle unemployment by encouraging businesses to take just one person off the unemployment rolls, thus starting a ripple effect to boost the country’s economy without waiting for government intervention. This newspaper will provide a feature story, plus free advertising for six months to companies that hire just one formerly unemployed person.

For more information or to talk about promoting your business or organization, call 772.245.6564.

Barbara Clowdus -Publisher