New playgound sprouts at Dunbar Center

Dunbar Center, at the heart of the Banner Lake community of Hobe Sound, received a new playground recently, to the delight of their preschoolers. The old playground unit, loaned from the Martin County School District, had to be cordoned nearly a year ago after rust had corroded, leaving sharp, metal edges exposed. Then it was dismantled and carted it away, leaving only empty space and disappointed three- and four-year olds. Then the Loblollypop Foundation provided a new unit to the school made by Sportsplay Equipment.

“The men and women of Loblolly have been a source of generous funding for so many years,” said Paul Kelly, Executive Director of The Dunbar Center. “Once again they have helped us make meaningful improvements and delighted our pre-K children.” Over the years the Foundation has provided funding for an annual dance program, new classroom furniture, interior improvements and other projects. They also provide continuous support during the year.