Music in our Schools’ makes lasting impression

Eagle Times
Samantha Williams

Avery Skinner, a fifth-grader at Hobe Sound Elementary, stood on the Martin County High School stage recently to sing as part of the county’s annual “Music in the Schools” program. All county schools participated.

Joined by 24 of her fellow Hobe Sound chorus students, Avery said she’ll never forget that evening’s performance. “This was a great experience,” she said, “especially to end my time at Hobe Sound Elementary School.”

HSES music teacher Mrs. Kathy Sherman said she chose well-behaved students who knew songs and dance moves, and students who went to every “Music in the Schools” practice session. The Hobe Sound students practiced their songs and dances in the music room on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2 to 3:15 for about six weeks.

Each school performed six songs. Hobe Sound students sang, “God Bless America,” the “Star Spangled Banner,” “This is My Country,” “We Go Together,” “Planet Rock” and “Lean on Me/Don’t Stop Believing.” The students said they wanted to participate because they wanted to sing in front of an audience, and they liked the song and dance moves.

Mrs. Sherman said that Martin County does “Music in Our Schools” because it promotes music and music education. The music teachers in the county organize the event with the support of the county office.

The students who participated said they had a bunch of fun and can’t wait to do it again next year.