Loblolly donation completes Dunbar Center playground

Members of the Loblolly community have again come forward with much- needed funds for Hobe Sound’s Dunbar Center–this time with a record $46,800 grant.

For most of the 20-year history of Dunbar, Loblolly has funded countless projects and programs, helping the center provide for the cultural, physical and educational needs of local children.

Along with the Friends of Loblolly, generous donors have helped Dunbar and the surrounding Banner Lake Community for decades.

This year, as for most of Dunbar’s history, the Loblollypop Foundation is funding dance and swimming for three- and four-year-old children.

In addition to the expansive outdoor play area they funded last year, this year their funding will upgrade the rest of the surrounding playground and make improvements inside the school, as well, according to school officials. A new intercom and audio system will be installed, that will include a library of classical music CD’s.

Always sensitive to the Dunbar Center’s basic needs, the Loblolly Foundation allocated a large portion of the grant to the school’s Resource Specialists, the creative and innovative stewards of the Pre-K program.

“Dunbar could not survive without the generous donors of Hobe Sound, Loblolly and the Hobe Sound Community Chest,” said Board President Trent Steele.

“It’s as if we are all one family – all pulling for one another.”

Dunbar Center celebrates its 20th year serving Hobe Sound with quality day care and early childhood education, an achievement for which a generous community of donors is solely responsible.