Correction: Commissioner Heard not arrested

Two arrested, one was not.
In a surprise twist to those who have followed closely the Lake Point public records case, Commissioner Sarah Heard was not arrested on Nov, 28, as Martin County Currents reported. We apologize for the error.
The grand jury, which is continuing its investigation, issued criminal indictments to sitting-commissioner Ed Fielding and former-commissioner Anne Scott on two counts each of failing to permit inspection or copying of public records.
The only charge filed against Heard is a non-criminal misdemeanor for failure to respond to a public records request, punishable by a fine up to $500.
Both Scott and Fielding were ordered to appear in court on Dec. 28; however, the circuit court judge in the case, Curtis Disque, ordered a docket sounding on Dec. 18 for Heard, Fielding and Scott to ensure that all parties and attorneys agree on court appearance and trial dates.