Cable ski park on its way to County Commission

Arguments fall on both sides of the issue as to whether or not justification exists to allow construction of a high-tech, motorized-cable water-ski park on Bridge Road between the Turnpike and Interstate 95. The Martin County Growth Management Department, whose mandate is to analyze proposals […]

Unity Recovery expands operations in Hobe Sound

Just as the Unity Recovery Center in Hobe Sound rebuilds dilapidated lives, so too does the drug and alcohol treatment center breathe new life into old buildings. The most recent building to undergo “rehab” is an apartment complex on Church Street in Hobe Sound. It […]

More days extend Sailfish Splash Park’s preopening

If you are one of the more than 8,000 Sailfish Splash Park season pass holders, it’s probably not a good plan to go to the new water park during its opening weekend, April 21-22. That weekend was originally set aside as a perk to encourage […]

Governor now to decide fate of Cato’s Bridge beach

Only a few weeks remain, perhaps no more than two, for the public to decide whether they treasure access to Cato’s Bridge beach enough to send an email to Tallahassee. Or do they agree with federal officials that beach access to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse […]

Community Development

Citizens living in Rio, Indiantown, Palm City and Golden Gate applaud the changes that have come to their communities in the past two years, in large part due to the public-parivate partnerships engineered by the county’s Community Development staff and the Community Redevelopment Agency.