PART2: A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End

WHAT HAPPENED TO INDIANTOWN’S GRAND VISION? A 5-Part Series  2: A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End Within three months of Howard Brown’s appointment as the new Village of Indiantown’s manager, the mission and vision statements had been rewritten, goals rearranged (he said 

Part 1: What Happened to Indiantown’s Grand Vision?

What Happened to Indiantown’s Grand Vision? A community that historically treasured its diversity, Indiantown today is starting to show signs of division that just a few years ago were unimaginable. In part, that’s because two iconic visionaries who helped launch Indiantown’s incorporation movement, E. Thelma 

5-part series begins Monday, tackles big question

What Happened to Indiantown’s Grand Vision? Martin County Administrator Taryn Kryzda is in the crosshairs of Indiantown Mayor Janet Hernandez. She blames Kryzda for backing council members into a corner, forcing them into a decision that will take them “to a point of no return,” 

An Indiantown promise made 3 years ago, now kept

‘A promise made, a promise kept,’ says sports organizer Scott Watson, but he needs your help for Indiantown’s youth to reach full potential Kids who play outside regularly are happier, healthier, and grow into healthier adults, according to many parent surveys. One of the most 

Open letter from Commission Chair Harold Jenkins urges calm

What are we doing to ourselves? Among dozens of angry emails and social media posts since the Martin County Commission’s unanimously approved face-mask mandate this week was this email from Martin County Commission Chair Harold Jenkins. Instead of waiting another week to publish in Martin