Shop locally to keep dollars here

How about a Jelli watch?
Hobe Sound Jewelers on A1A offers a deal that can’t be beat! One of this season’s hottest gifts–the Jelli watch–in dozens of colors and color combinations. With bling, or without. Small faces, or large. And only $20 bucks!

If you cannot make it into the store to pick out your favorites, Jorgeann Marozi, a buyer for the store, says to just call between 11am and 4pm, the regular store hours, and ask for Dawn. Tell her the colors you want. The store will wrap and deliver them–one for your child, one for your Aunt Mary and one for yourself! They’ve got ‘em for boys and men, too, and in camoflauge. Maybe the best part is that the watches remain under warranty for one year. What an exceptional stocking stuffer for any age! Phone: 772.546.7940

Quickest on the Strip

Lee Robinson of Perky Pelican has been in business for 28 years. She’s got lots of customers who know they can run into her Bridge Road store, pick out great beachy decor, get it gift wrapped, and get back out again all in just a few minutes. And what a great gift new patio furniture would be. Get it here! As well as lots of unusual stocking stuffers for kids of ages. She keeps the doors open 7 days a week, 10-5 Mon-Sat., and 10-4 on Sunday. 772.546.7882

Going to a holiday party?

Deborah Whyte of Bungalow Boutique on A1A can help you find the perfect, knock-em-dead outfit, or to make a statement when you go to the office. She carries sizes from 0 (hm, wonder what kind of size that is) to 16. Hooray! The black-and-pink jacket greeting customers at the door is from Skirtin’ Around for $245. Her boutique is open Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm until after the holidays. Open only during the winter season, she heads to Cashiers, NC, each summer, where she operates a second boutique. Phone: 772.245.8532

Where deals can be found.

Polished Pear is discounting its Christmas decor by 40%, so this is the week to get those deals. While there, Stephanie invites you to see all the unique, one-of-a-kind pieces she hunts down for the store that make unique, one-of-a-kind gifts!
Hours are 10-4, Monday through Friday.

And there’s many more shops and ideas in downtown, where it’s easy to shop, and you’re keeping your dollars local at the same time!

Flower shops, more boutiques, gifts at surprising places, that’s all downtown. And how about booking a trip as a great gift! Not for one, but for two. Rdell Hudgins of the Travel Gallery on A1A says that after the holidays are the times for the best deals. “There are so many more choices then,” she says, “but what’s better than a gift certificate for a cruise, or a trip?” That might be better received than a gift certificate for pilates at Inside Out, unless you are the one going to pilates for yourself!

Spend just a little time downtown this holiday season. Shift your focus a little from the mall to local. You probably will be surprised at what’s available, and we know you’ll be less stressed at the end of the day!