Newest 6th graders already on career paths

By Devon Clowdus

Careers are more than jobs to these Hobe Sound Elementary School students. Careers are their dreams.

Erin McLean dreams about becoming a dance teacher. She chose that career because she loves dancing and instructing children. Erin’s mother and her three dance instructors, Ms. Sony, Ms. Amy and Ms. Lindsay inspire her to want to become a dance teacher.

Mark Reuwer cannot wait to become a mechanical engineer. He is inspired by his dad, who is also a mechanical engineer. Mark likes to build and plan things out. This soon-to-be engineer must go to college for six years to make his dream come true.

This brave young lady, Lillie Spurgeon, is ready to help at any moment. She wants to become a firefighter and follow in her dad’s footsteps. Her father rescues people’s lives, earning his life-saving award. Lillie will go to firefighters school for four months. This determined young lady is one her way to becoming a life saver, too.

Emma Slinkman, a mystery lover and a problem-solver, wants to become a CSI agent. She wants to become an agent because of the mystery books she reads, and the TV shows she watches. Emma did some research and found out that CSI agents don’t have to go to college, only if they want to get paid. Emma will be going to school.

“Three, two, one–you’re on,” the cameraman directs Kaitlyn Earle, as she prepares her news report for the daily TV news. Kaitlyn wants to be a broadcast journalist. Her uncle inspired her, because he, too, is a broadcast journalist. Kaitlyn already does the morning school broadcast. She’ll have to go to college for four years.

Fashion is Franny Radeka’s passion. Franny wants to become a fashion designer because she likes to draw and to design. She is inspired by her mom’s friend, who is a designer.