NEST card reward: picnic & popsicles

NEST card reward: picnic & popsicles
by Samantha Williams

“Picnic time,” shouted Hobe Sound Elementary teacher Ms. Toni Doughty, as students were lining up with NEST cards in hand.

On Tuesday, May 3, students rushed outside the school building for the “Respectful Picnic.” They had to “pay” to attend with one NEST card with “respect” circled on the card.

A NEST card, part of a program that began in 2010, promotes N–Need for respect, E–for Excellence and personal best, S–for Safe at all times, and T–take responsibility for actions, is a card that students earn when teachers see them behaving or doing something positive during school.

The students were rewarded by sitting outside with friends while they ate their lunch. They also ate popsicles, blew bubbles, and played with chalk.

Hobe Sound fifth-grader Emma Slinkman said, “I had a fund time with my friends, and would do it again.”

The Hobe Sound Elementary School staff said they thought this would be a fun thing to do.
Jensen Beach Elementary School decided to try out the idea of giving NEST cards to students as rewards for good behavior, and reported that they thought it was “great!” So do we.