Heavy agenda planned for NAC meeting this Thursday

District Commissioner Patrick Hayes has asked for public input from the Hobe Sound Neighborhood Advisory Committee during its meeting on Thursday, May 12, at 6pm in the Hobe Sound Community Building on Olympus Street.

His question regards a proposed “traffic calming” plan for Pettway Street after the Gomez community petitioned the Board of County Commissioners in 2005 to address the safety issues that plague their community along that roadway. The project includes creating raised intersections, which will be funded by the county; however, boat owners historically have complained about the effect of raised intersections on boat trailers.

Hayes has indicated he would prefer to have broader community input prior to beginning the project as to whether or not the traffic remediation plan meets citizens’ general approval.

County staff also will report that the Community Redevelopment Agency has been asked by the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce to research the possibility of obtaining electrical and water services for vendors along Bridge Road and A1A for use during Hobe Sound fairs and festivals. Since the project is beyond the scope of the current Hobe Sound redevelopment plan, a change in the plans must be made by the CRA; therefore, the group is seeking input from the NAC and the community prior to taking any action.

In addition, the Bridge Road redevelopment project will be discussed, including the presentation of an “initial” conceptualized plan for above-ground elements based on current property-owner input. The county also has engaged the services of an engineering firm to begin drawing plans to add water and sewer to Bridge Road, and they have received a “ball-park” estimate from FPL regarding dropping the Bridge Road power and cable lines below ground.

Also on the agenda is an update on two major developments, Hobe Grove and Harmony Ranch, which are seeking permit applications along Bridge Road that exceed current limits on density, as well as an update on the construction of a McDonald’s restaurant on US 1.