Don’t agree with school’s ban

Dear Editor:

The good schools in Martin County are the reason our family moved to Hobe Sound five years ago, and we have not been disappointed until recently. Actually, it happened a few months ago, but I was busy and didn’t really notice, until now.

My daughter stopped bringing home a copy of the Hobe Sound Currents newspaper from school several months ago. At first, I didn’t realize it, until I saw a new copy of the newspaper in my bank’s lobby. When I asked my daughter about it, she just said she didn’t get one. So I blamed it on the bad economy, since it must be way expensive to give every single child a newspaper.

Then my neighbor tells me that the newspaper had been banned from the school because one parent complained to Mrs. Gibbons, the principal.

That’s ridiculous. To deny 900+ students of their newspaper, and yes, their own school newspaper written by HSES students is printed on the inside as part of the Currents newspaper, just because of one complaint makes no sense. The person who complained doesn’t need to read it, that’s all.

This newspaper is a WONDERFUL addition to our community and to our school. I am really disappointed in Mrs. Gibbons’ decision not to stand up for this newspaper, because she is not standing up for what’s good for our students.

Obviously, since I still have children attending Hobe Sound Elementary, I need to have my name withheld. Just sign this letter from

A Very Disappointed Hobe Sound Parent