The important question to ask ourselves

Twisting facts to fit a particular narrative is prevalent in Martin County. No one is more adept at that practice than former county commissioner Maggy Hurchalla, who lauds her protege, Commissioner Sarah Heard ,as the only environmentally minded and fiscally conservative candidate in the District […]

Another denial dashes Hurchalla’s hope for a mistrial

Environmental activist Maggy Hurchalla can no longer hope for a mistrial. The Fourth District Court of Appeal rejected Hurchalla’s complaints July 3 about the foreman of the Martin County jury that awarded $4.3 million to Lake Point Restoration for Hurchalla’s interference in its contracts with […]

Heard files for re-election despite criminal charges

Still facing criminal charges for alleged public records violations in 2013, Martin County Commissioner Sarah Heard, a Republican, filed for re-election June 22 on the last day of the qualifying period. She paid the $3,810 qualifying fee from a $5,000 loan to herself and rented […]

Reporter’s story did no favors to Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Times reporter Craig Pittman undermined the public’s trust of venerable news organizations with his May 12 article, “Only in Florida: Battle over water, free speech pits billionaire vs. activist.” Instead of checking the facts found in court records and legal documents, he took […]

County Commission and School Board Forum slated

The Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a free forum Thursday, April 5, at the Hobe Sound Bible College. Residents can meet and hear in person the candidates for the Martin County Commission and School Board, perhaps the offices most relevant to residents’ everyday lives. […]