Author: barbara.clowdus

Hard to keep up with Comp Plan, Lake Point lawsuits

An illness and unexpected hospitalization of one of the lead attorneys challenging Martin County’s Comp Plan rewrites resulted in postponement of the administrative law hearings set to begin Feb. 13; they will begin instead on April 14. Martin County and the other three landowners currently […]

County settles for 20% of what was owed to taxpayers

The legal settlement considered by the County Commission behind closed doors over the past six months and announced at Tuesday’s commission meeting was not a Sunshine Law violation…technically…as we had asserted previously. But it certainly violated the spirit of Sunshine. Three of the commissioners, Sarah […]

Pollution in Martin County extends beyond riverbanks

Illogical votes by Martin County Commissioner Ed Fielding at the first commission meeting of the New Year and by Sarah Heard at the last of 2013 indicate nothing much will change as we enter 2014. Fielding voted against granting a liquor license to a well-established […]

Hurchalla-Fielding Email Exchange: Evidence of Skulduggery?

An email from former Martin County commissioner Maggy Hurchalla to current Commissioner Ed Fielding’s personal computer may be the key that unravels a blanket of secrecy currently cloaking not only Hurchalla’s communications, but Commission Chair Sarah Heard’s as well, in the Lake Point Water Restoration […]

Democracy dies behind closed doors

A controversial item—to forgive the court-ordered sanctions and payment of the county’s attorney fees levied against the Martin County Conservation Alliance and the 1,000 Friends of Florida—was attached as a supplemental memo to the previously posted county commission agenda for its Dec. 3 meeting during […]